Get the World's #1 Tax Engine Cloud is a tax compliance engine that helps distributors and retailers of tobacco, beverages and fuels improve their tax returns preparation and reporting process by offering easy to use and secure tax automation software as a service.

Our reporting engine works with any back-office accounting system, prepares signature ready state tax returns and submits eFile reports instantly. Once your business reports are configured in our engine, it will take you minutes to generate all your USDA, TTB, states, counties, and cities Tax reports. Our Compliance Engine reduces our customers costs, improves efficiency, and ensures compliance with reporting standards.

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Tax Engine Cloud

BorderTax returns engine automates the preparation and filing process of states fuel, alcohol and tobacco tax return & reports, helping distributors comply with, and pay taxes.

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MultiCat MSA Cloud

BorderMSA MultiCat reporting online software service reduces costs, improves efficiency, and ensures compliance with manufacturers' trade programs reporting standards.

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Data Reporting

State Information ReportStates require distributors to submit monthly report for each sale to retailers. Our engine converts your data into the proper report format and transmit it to your state.

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