Fuels Tax Software

Providing a better way of reporting fuels tax returns, the AviorData online software application conforms to MFET XML standards as defined by the FTA and TIGERS and integrates with any back-end financial system to seamlessly determine the tax consequences of transactions in real time, with no manual intervention.

Gasoline carrier truck

Aviordata.com automates the process of completing and electronically filing intrastate and interstate oil, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and liquefied gas (i.e., butane, propane, compressed natural gas) tax forms and reports, and accurately processes city, county, state, and federal taxes where applicable.

In most states, licensed fuels distributors, exporters, dealers, suppliers, refiners, and/or bonded users must file their fuel tax returns electronically in an EDI or XML format using Motor Fuel Excise Tax (MFET) E-Filing.

Complicated, yet important, tax reporting is essential to your bottom line and your legal standing. AviorData Fuel Tax Reporting system efficiently captures and accurately reports all the petroleum related taxes in the form required by each agency. Rules are defined to match each tax situation and can be quickly adapted when the tax rules change.

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