Tobacco Alcohol Tax Preparation Service professional tax software engine tackles the tax filing process of cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, and other related tax reporting for distributors and retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Tax Calculator automates the complex process of importing, processing, and filing of indirect taxes to local, county, state, and federal jurisdictions across the entire U.S. and Canada. It identifies and calculates liabilities for financial transactions involving fuel, alcohol and tobacco. AviorData integrates with any back-end financial system to seamlessly determine the tax consequences of transactions in real time, with no manual intervention.

In using, tax filers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with fuel, alcohol and tobacco taxes. Our on-demand reporting services provide the most robust coverage and flexibility necessary to address tobacco tax complexity and rate change of a variety of tax types. tax automation engine generates signature-ready tax returns from the customer transactions data, enabling distributors and other filers to automate the entire filing process. AviorData imports and transforms data from the back-office systems that track alcohol & tobacco transactions. Using customizable rules that embody local, state, and federal tax laws; AviorData determines applicable taxes generating schedules and returns for all major reporting jurisdiction in the U.S. and Canada. automates the end-to-end fuel, tobacco tax filing process eliminating labor-intensive procedures. Distributors gain the ability to use electronic filing, adopt industry best practices, and scale with tax law and standards changes.

Key Features

• Updates - Regular updates of rules, rates and forms for all major US jurisdictions
• Transaction Management - Imports transactions from back-office accounting systems
• Tax Return Generator - Creates signature-ready returns for electronic or paper filing
• Electronic Filing - Supports EDI, XML, CSV, Excel and proprietary filing formats
• Workflows - Automates tax filing processes including review, approval, and notification
• Software as a Service - Highly-available, secure data center with full disaster recovery and support