Cigarettes Tobacco Tax Compliance

Tax reports automation solution automates the filing process of cigarette and tobacco inter-state and intra-state excise tax, helping distributors reduce costs by eliminating labor-intensive procedures, comply with government requirements, electronically file, and pay local, state, and federal taxes.

Cigarette Pipe tobacco’s innovative cigarettes stamping reconciliation module minimizes the use of cumbersome excel spreadsheets, replacing them with a centralized process that saves companies many hours each month.

Tobacco distributors who make inter-state sales of cigars and/or tobacco products must complete a separate Distributor Report of Interstate Sales of Cigars and Tobacco Products for each state into which they made interstate sales of cigars and/or tobacco products during the report filing period. Depending on the state, the tobacco excise tax reports must be filed electronically on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Many states now require wholesalers and distributors to submit online a report of their sales of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and OTP category items (i.e. Chewing, moist snuff, cigars, pipe tobacco, roll your own, dry snuff, snuff, smoker’s alternatives, and blunt wraps) made to retailers.

Our mission is to automate the cigarette and tobacco products tax reporting process as much as possible by providing an easy to use web based tobacco tax returns software reporting application. Avior Data offers solutions to help you manage the requirements mandated by each state Tobacco E-File System.

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