Best MSA Reporting Software

Distributors learn about MSA reporting requirements from their vendors. Manufacturers of tobacco, candy, drinks, grocery, and other products want to collect shipment data of their brands as frequently as possible. Distributors contact MSAi and ask about the MSA Report requirements. MSAi offers registration for distributors to start reporting for free. Once a new MSA Reporting account is created, MSAi provides a distributor with Distributor Identification Number (DID), a Trade Program requirements specification document, Windows upload application (IDT), and a list of software vendors. Small and Medium size distributors eager to start reporting their data don’t know were to start. They usually have two options, develop custom software in house or use one of the provided software solutions.

What is MSA Reporting

MSA Reporting software is used to prepare and submit shipment data to manufacturers directly or indirectly through MSAi (Management Science Association Inc.) weekly. The report is formatted as required by the MSAi MultiCat standard. MultiCat format enables the participants (distributors) to provide data across multiple categories like tobacco, candy, drinks, grocery and others.

Why Use MSA Reporting

Distributors are required to report shipment and quantity on hand data every week to manufacturers to be eligible to buy directly form participating manufacturers or other distributors. Distributors and retailers get rebates or discounts from manufacturers if there sales and inventory data is reported timely and accurately.

The Best MSA Reporting Software

Below is list of MSA reporting software. This list is intended to serve as an informational reference for the distributor. The MSA, AWMA and the manufacturers do not endorse, support or recommend the products and /or services provided by these companies.

1. CDR Software (985) 626-8408

CDR Software Is ERP software vendor with MSA reporting feature. Also they offer MSA reporting separate solution as portal data entry.

2. HighJump Software (800) 546-7977

HighJump is provider of supply chain management software solutions with MSA reporting feature.

3. Jamison Computer Systems (802) 527-9758

Jamison is accounting software vendor, the standalone software run Microsoft Windows with the MSA reporting feature. Distributors are required to buy the software, maintain it and pay for software updates. Jamison also offers MSA Reporting only software with database of UPCs, so users don’t need to keep UPCs in their invoicing system like Quickbooks.

4. TurningPoint Systems (888) 414-3126

Turning Point Systems provides invoicing software with the MSA reporting feature. Distributors will have to switch from their current system to Turning Point cloud ERP.

5. Avior Data (972) 550-9313

Avior Data provides MultiCat reporting platform, the automated SaaS solution works with most invoicing system and allows distributors to report easily from their current invoicing system to MSAi or Manufacturers with no changes required to invoicing system. Avior Takes the database as is, curate the data and submit accurate reports automatically. In addition to preparing and submitting the weekly report, Avior acts as secondary contact for your account and provides support to you and MSA team. Hence taking the whole MSA reporting from you hands so you can focus on growing your business.

6. Custom Software

Large companies with IT resources develop in house application to generate report and submit it to the MSAi or manufacturers. This requires continues maintenance as Trade Programs may change their reports specifications over time.


Small and Medium size distributors, not reporting data to MSAi, get told by their vendors that no longer can receive shipments until they start reporting their data, so they struggle with figuring out what to do. Most of these distributors are using invoicing systems like Quickbooks, Dynamics, Sage, or SAP ERP systems.