South Carolina Tobacco Tax Switched to E-file Effective Dec 1, 2017

Effective Dec 2017, the South Carolina Department of Revenue will no longer mail the monthly Tobacco Tax (L-922) returns. Nov 2017 is the last return that will be mailed from the South Carolina Department of Revenue. Taxpayers can now securely file and pay Tobacco taxes online for free using MyDORWAY (

If tobacco taxpayers still wish to file by paper, visit to find, download, and print their monthly Tobacco Tax (L-922) return.

Minnesota Fergus Falls 0.5 Percent Sales And Use Tax

On January 1, 2018, Fergus Falls will have a 0.5 percent sales and use tax. The Minnesota Department of Revenue will administer this tax. Revenues will fund the projects identified in the Fergus Falls Fergus Falls Public Library in Ordinance No. 59, 7th Series.

The 0.5 percent sales tax applies to retail sales made within Fergus Falls. The use tax applies to taxable items used in the City if the local sales tax was not paid.

Arkansas Local Sales Tax Changes

The following changes in Local Sales and Use Taxes will be effective Jan 1, 2018.

Michigan cancels ban on RSB Tobacco Products

On August 2, 2012, the Michigan Department of Treasury issued a Special Notice to All Michigan Tobacco Tax Licensees (“Special Notice”) informing tobacco tax licensees that they are prohibited from purchasing or importing any tobacco product manufactured by RSB Tobacco, Inc., including the “Good Stuff” brand pipe tobacco, for resale in Michigan. The Special Notice also informed tobacco product retailers and tobacco tax licensees that they could not sell tobacco products manufactured by RSB Tobacco, Inc. at retail in Michigan.

Arkansas Requires Tobacco Wholesalers to File Sales Reports

Arkansas requires all tobacco wholesalers to file a monthly report with Arkansas Tobacco Control that shows all sales/deliveries to all retailers or other wholesalers. This includes sales/deliveries of all cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco products to all retailers and wholesalers within the state as well as those located outside the state of Arkansas.

Beginning Oct 1, 2017, all tobacco wholesalers shall upload this report to the online portal shown above. The report is due no later than the 10th of each month for the previous month’s sales/deliveries.

Texas now allow e-file for distributor tobacco and cigarettes tax

Ordering cigarettes stamps and filing distributor tobacco tax returns just got easier. Using the Texas WebFile service, distributors can place an order for cigarettes stamps and request credit for returned products online

Tobacco distributors can use WebFIle to file their distributor monthly reports for cigars/cigarettes products. To create account and start filing eclectronically click on WebFile

Video Post: Microsoft Dynamics AX Tobacco Excise Tax Plug-in Configuration & Usage

Training video that demonstrates how to use the AviorData Tobacco Excise Tax software to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system to get the tobacco excise tax calculated accurately and quickly.

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