Ohio Tobacco Tax XML e-file

Cigarette, other tobacco products taxpayers and master settlement agreement filers must file and pay electronically.

The Ohio Department of Taxation continues to prepare for the electronic filing of cigarette and other tobacco products tax returns. The new tobacco file filling system will accept tax returns in XML or ASCII format. Ohio is currently conducting testing with filers and invites all filers to send their formatted electronic files using the new XML or ASCII format to the Department for testing when possible. http://www.tax.ohio.gov/excise/CigMSAOther.aspx

Kentucky Tobacco Tax XML e-Filing

Kentucky is testing the new XML system and will soon have electronic filing available through the KY Business One Stop Portal. The website revenue.ky.gov has information to assist you in creating the XML file layout necessary in creating your tax return.

The Department of Revenue has implemented an electronic tax filing system that all Kentucky Cigarette and Tobacco licensees will use to file and pay your tax returns. This will also provide a means for the Manufacturer and Suppliers to submit an electronic sales and shipping report as well as PACT Report data.

Michigan Tobacco Tax e-File XML System starting July 30, 2018

The ASCii File format will no longer be accepted after July 20, 2018. If you currently use the ASCii File format, we recommend you consider using the Excel spreadsheet, which is a similar format to the ASCii File format. While the XML format is available to all licensees to use, it could require more extensive programming than the Excel Spreadsheet. The new tobacco tax filing system will offer three online methods.
  • Web filing - Manual entry of your return directly in the online portal.

Michigan Tobacco Tax New MiMATS e-File System starting July 30, 2018

The new tobacco tax filing system will offer three online methods.
  • Web filing - Manual entry of your return directly in the online portal.
  • Excel Spreadsheet - An updated Excel spreadsheet that can be uploaded in the online portal.
  • Excel spreadsheet template(s) will be available soon. XML Fill Format - Upload return data through the online portal (Schema available in June 2018.)

South Carolina new Cigarettes Tax Stamp requirement Jan 1, 2019

Beginning in 2019, individual packs of cigarettes must be stamped prior to distribution to show that excise tax has been paid. The Cigarette Tax rates have not changed ($0.57 for 20 count packs and $0.7125 for 25 count packs), but effective Jan 1, the tax will be paid by purchasing CigarettesTax Stamps from SCDOR.

Oklahoma Cigarette Tax Increases on July 1, 2018

Effective July 1, 2018 the cigarette tax in Oklahoma will increase an additional $1 per pack of 20 cigarettes and an additional $1.25 per pack of 25 cigarettes.

For the purpose of ensuring maximum wholesaler compliance, the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) will not sell cigarette excise tax stamps to any wholesaler during the proceeding calendar year 2017. A wholesaler may purchase in excess of the monthly average upon documentation, to the ITC's satisfaction, of probable sales in excess of the wholesaler's sales in 2017.

Wisconsin tobacco tax filing changes that are effective in 2019

Wisconsin cigarette and tobacco products tax returns are changing in January 2019.

Wisconsin is joining other states in adopting uniform tax forms to assist distributors in complying with various state reporting and tax collection requirements. The uniform forms were developed in consultation with industry representatives by the Federation of Tax Administrator (FTA) Tobacco Uniformity Project.

What changes will be made?

The following Wisconsin tax forms will be revised or replaced:

All Indiana Tobacco distributors are Required to File CT-19 Monthly

All Indiana tobacco licensed distributors, selling cigarettes or not, are required to file a "CT-19: Monthly Report of Cigarettes Stamped and Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Purchased" report each month with Indiana Department of Revenue. Indiana DOR discovered some differences among distributors in the method used to report product that is returned to the manufacturer, and the format of amended reports. For reporting of returned products transactions, indicate a negative value in the Cigarettes/RYO section for the Month in which the return to the manufacturer occurs.

Arkansas Requires Tobacco Wholesalers to File Sales Reports

Arkansas requires all tobacco wholesalers to file a monthly report with Arkansas Tobacco Control that shows all sales/deliveries to all retailers or other wholesalers. This includes sales/deliveries of all cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco products to all retailers and wholesalers within the state as well as those located outside the state of Arkansas.

Beginning Oct 1, 2017, all tobacco wholesalers shall upload this report to the online portal shown above. The report is due no later than the 10th of each month for the previous month’s sales/deliveries.


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