2020 Tobacco Tax Changes

This is a round up of 2020 up coming tobacco excise tax changes.

Kentucky Mandated Electronic Filing

All activity related to cigarettes and tobacco products must be submitted electronically effective for periods on or after January 1, 2020. This requirement includes Manufacturer reports, licensing, cigarette stamp purchases, and licensees’ filing of monthly returns. For licensees, the January 2020 monthly report due on February 20, 2020 will be required to be filed electronically.

DOR provides multiple methods for monthly reporting electronically. Filers may produce an XML file that meets the requirements included in the guide on the DOR Tobacco website https://revenue.ky.gov/Business/Tobacco-Tax/Pages/default.aspx. They may use the excel spreadsheet also available at the same website to enter data necessary for cigarette or tobacco filing. Once completed, the filer will need to visit the site to convert the spreadsheet into an XML file. Then this file can be loaded directly to the KYETS (e-filing system). In addition, a filer may enter information via web form entry.