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Wisconsin tobacco tax filing changes that are effective in 2019

Wisconsin cigarette and tobacco products tax returns are changing in January 2019.

Wisconsin is joining other states in adopting uniform tax forms to assist distributors in complying with various state reporting and tax collection requirements. The uniform forms were developed in consultation with industry representatives by the Federation of Tax Administrator (FTA) Tobacco Uniformity Project. Other states that currently implementing uniformity forms are California, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oregon and Wisconsin.

What changes will be made?

The following Wisconsin tax forms will be revised or replaced:

Current Form New Form
CT-101, Wisconsin Cigarette Tax Multiple Schedule. CT-115, WI Stamped Cigarette Sales To/Returns From Authorized Native American Retail Stores CT-101, Uniform Cigarette Transaction Schedule
TT-101, Wisconsin Tobacco Products Tax Multiple Schedule. TT-101C, WI Cigar Tax Multiple Schedule. TT-101M, WI Moist Snuff Tax Multiple Schedule.
TT-115, WI Tobacco Product Sales To/Returns From Authorized Native American Retail Stores
TT-101, Uniform Tobacco Products Transaction Schedule
CT-104, Uniform Stamp Schedule CT-104, Monthly Schedule of Purchases and Ending Inventory of Unaffixed WI Cigarette Stamps
CT-118, Summary of WI Stamped Cigarettes CT-118, Uniform Cigarette Inventory Schedule

FTP File Naming Convention

Beginning January 1, 2019 when we move to the uniform cigarette and tobacco schedules, there will be a slight change in the naming convention of the files. For any period on or after January 2019, the first 3 characters of the files will be as follows:

CT-100 = UC0

CT-105 = UC5

TT-100 = UT0

As of January 2019, any FTP files received for previous periods (December 2018 and earlier) will continue to use the old naming convention:

CT-100 = C00

CT-105 = C05

TT-100 = T00

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