MSA Multicat Mandatory Data

Multicat reports are weekly reports filed electronically by tobacco, candy, drinks, and grocery distributors to report sales and inventory floor counts to brand manufacturers as part of participating in their trade programs. The Multicat report data slightly varies between different trading programs but the report standard structure requirements are the same.

Multicat reports are submitted in EDI flat files. The reports are uploaded electronically directly to manufactures or through the MSAi reporting system which in turn passes the brands data to the manufacturers. Each report is validated and an email is sent to the reporter with error or warnings. Complete error free reports are due by Tuesday of the following week. Missing reports are tracked and must be submitted as soon as possible before trade programs get notified of the missing data.

Mandatory data include the following fields:

Product: UPC, SKU, description, items per selling unit, category, quantity on hand, promotion code, and promotion description.
Sales: Quantity sold, ship to name, street, city, state, and zip code.

Altria Reporting Changes

In 2016 Altria requirements extended to include new data. Three new measures were required for the detailed reporting of product returns, including Floor Returns, Saleable Returns and Unsaleable Returns.

Floor Returns

Returns from wholesaler to manufacturer, its reclamation center or the original supplier, where the product never shipped to any retailer, sub- jobber or non-direct distributor must be reported in Measure Code 006 of the BID Record.

Saleable Returns

Returns from retailer to wholesaler, where the product may be re-sold must be reported in Measure Code 004 of the PUR Record.

Unsaleable Returns

Returns from retailer to wholesaler, where the product is expired, damaged or otherwise non-saleable must be reported in Measure Code 005 of the PUR Record.