Georgia Excise Tax on Motor Fuel Updated Jan 1, 2018

Georgia Department of Revenue changes excise tax on motor fuel sales.

What are the new excise tax rates?

The following rates will remain in effect from Jan 1, 2018 until December 31, 2018

Motor Fuel type State Excise Tax Rate
Gasoline $ 0.268 Per/Gal.
Diesel (Clear/Dyed) $ 0.300 Per/Gal.
Aviation Gasoline $ 0.010 Per/Gal.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas $ 0.268 Per/Gal.
Special Fuel (includes CNG) $ 0.268 Per/Gal.
For more details see GA DOR bulletin

How do I file?

Electronically through e-Services system (see Filing Electronically)

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