Kentucky Tobacco Taxes Electronic Filing Starting Early 2018

The Kentucky Department of Revenue is implementing an electronic tax filing system that all Kentucky Cigarette and Tobacco licensees will use to file and pay your tax returns. This will also provide a means for the Manufacturer and Suppliers to submit an electronic sales and shipping report as well as PACT Report data.

The current planned implementation date for filing electronically is for early 2018. This should give all filers the time necessary to create the XML layout that is required for electronic filing of your Cigarette, Tobacco Products, Subjobber, Transporter, and Manufacturer/Supplier returns and/or reports. Kentucky is adopting the Federation of Tax Administrators’ (FTA) Technology Subcommittee standards. The committee has adopted XML as the standard format for reporting electronic data to the states. The FTA has also incorporated into such standards the various codes adopted for reporting type, entity identification, as well as specific tobacco tax information. There will be new returns used for e-filing that will be sent out in future correspondence.

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