MSA MultiCat Reporting

data reportingMSA MultiCat automates the reporting of shipment data to MSAi and Manufacturers for tobacco, candy, grocery, drinks, and other products distribution. By reporting data accurately and on time, distributors can participate in manufacturers direct purchasing, rebates, incentives, promotions, and discount programs. Distributors can increase their sales by allowing their retail partners to participate in manufacturers' rebate programs and receive their periodic rebate payments.


Wholesalers and distributors of tobacco, candy, grocery, and Pepsi brands must report sales and inventory activity to manufacturers directly or via MSAi on weekly basis. Avior Data’s MSA Multicat product automates the full reporting process from all major ERPs or back-office systems to manufactures or MSAi system.

With 10 years of data reporting track record, MSA Multicat is the industry standard for reporting sales and inventory activity correctly and on time to manufacturers. Fully automated data reporting process with warnings and errors notifications to business partners before and after report is submitted to MSAi or manufacturers.

MSA Multicat Block Diagram

Key Features

Accurate Reporting - prepares and submits reports on time; meeting all the processing requirements set forth by manufacturers trading programs

Data Validation and Corrections - data checked against database to verify and auto-correct product attributes resulting in successful submissions without errors, warnings, or unclassified items

Update Service - data and format updated periodically as required by manufacturing trade programs

System Integration - works with all major ERPs and accounting systems

Cloud-based Deployment - Use as service with our highly available and secure Software application.


Guarantees MSAi compliance, accuracy, and repeatability, eliminating the risk of costly errors 

Reduces IT costs of software development, maintenance, and support 

Simple integration to back-office or accounting system for fast setup 

Itemized error reporting makes it clear what is wrong when data is reported 

Software as a Service (SaaS) with highly available secure cloud application 

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