Oklahoma Little Cigar Tax Changes on July 1, 2018

Effective July 1, 2018 little cigars will be taxed the same as cigarettes. The tax will be paid through the purchase and affixing of a cigarette tax stamp. As you are aware, the tax stamps are sold for packs of 20 and packs of 25.

After the effective date of July, 2018, and to allow a smooth transition for tribal rebates, sales to tribal retail stores must include the roll number affixed to the packs. This is to ensure the correct rebate amount. A new form to record those sales will be sent to each wholesaler making tribal sales and this form will need to be included with the monthly.

Also effective after July 1, 2018, any stamps returned to cigar manufacturers for credit must include roll numbers so proper credit is given. Any returns not including this information will not be extended credit.

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