Products & Services

Tobacco Tax Automation

Tobacco tax automation products automate all aspects of tobacco tax lifecycle including calculation, reporting, and collecting for all U.S. jurisdictions.

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Fuel Tax Automation

Avior Data’s fuel tax automation products reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance by automating tax identification, calculation, and filing.

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Alcohol Tax Automation

By using Avior Data’s beverage alcohol tax automation products, filers can reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve accuracy associated with alcoholic beverages taxes.

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Sales & Use Tax Automation

Avior Data’s Sales & Use Tax Automation is line of products that automates tax identification, computing, and filing of sales & use taxes for U.S. jurisdictions.

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Data Services

Data Services include distributor shipment data collection and reporting, data analytics, data conversion and other service tailored for unique business needs.

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Benefits of Using Avior Tax Engine:

  • Ensure tax compliance, eliminate tax errors and penalties
  • Reduce IT development and Tax Accounting costs
  • Experienced and dedicated customer support team
  • Cloud solution, works with all major ERPs, low-cost, monthly fee