TobTax Determination

Tobacco Excise Tax Real-Time Identification and Computation

searchTobTax Determination provides automated identification and calculation of indirect taxes for transactions associated with tobacco products. With tax complexity of ever-changing tax rules and rates, in-house tobacco tax system is hard to maintain and can be easily replaced by its real-time determination engine with comprehensive support for all jurisdictions and tax procedures.


Excise and Sales & Use taxes are an important part of a tobacco transaction. Any tax determination errors can impact sales margins, cause tax liabilities, and potentially jurisdictions penalties and fines. A more accurate and transparent tax determination engine will greatly benefit tobacco suppliers, distributors, and traders. Sellers can clearly understand tax ramifications before closing a transaction, causing tax optimization, risk reduction, and lower costs.

TobTax Determination Block Diagram

Determination connects to any back-office accounting system, simplifying and automating the taxes necessary for any tobacco transaction like invoices, sales and purchases orders. This has major impact on decreasing IT costs associated with continuous management of custom software and continuously changing jurisdictions tax rules and rates.

Tax analysts can stop spending time on monitoring, implementing, and managing support for new tax rules and jurisdictions. With on-going timely tax rules and rates updates, TobTax Determination guarantees compliance accuracy, relieving tax departments from dealing with the complexity of changing rules and rates. Customer support team will spend less time processing customer inquiries, resulting in great costs reduction. TobTax makes it effortless to clearly understand calculated tax amounts and the rules and rates that used into their determination. With thousands of tax rates and continued rules changes, this tax determination transparency is clearly provides benefits for IT, Tax Accounting, and customers.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Coverage -
    Full support of U.S. Federal and all 50 states including city and county jurisdictions
    Excise and Sales & Use tax for tobacco products
  • Tax Updates -
    Continually updated tax rules and rates
  • Data Importing and Reporting -
    Flexible data import capabilities and audit support
  • User Configurable Tax Rules and Reports -
    Custom tax calculation
  • Error Reporting -
    Detailed tax calculation errors
  • Seamless Integration -
    Full integration into ERP or financial system


  • Accuracy -
    Tax accuracy ensures compliance with tax rules and rates
  • Reduce Costs -
    Reduce IT software and Tax Accounting costs
  • Custom Rules and Rates -
    Tax rules and rates can be easily changed by tax analysts
  • Gain Transparency -
    Identify data sources and get complete visibility to how calculation preformed

Data Sheet

TobTax Determination Solution Avior Data TobTax Determination

Identification and computation of excise and sales & use taxes in real-time for financial transactions involving tobacco products.